How does Earth Day help decrease Carbon Emissions? 

World Earth Day draws attention to the environment and gets people talking about sustainability, helping raise awareness of the climate crisis and opening discussions around how to reduce carbon emissions.

World Earth Day is on the 22nd of April, and this year, investing in our planet is the theme. There are so many ways to get involved on both an individual and collective level, which means that organisations, institutions and businesses of all types can get involved.

If you’re wondering how Earth Day helps decrease carbon emissions, then read on – this blog will outline just how big an impact it has.


Raising Awareness

As the world’s largest environmental movement, Earth Day’s primary means of decreasing carbon emissions is through raising awareness.

Since its first incarnation in 1970, it has grown to involve over 190 countries and mobilises a billion people for action every year. It is now recognised as the biggest secular observance in the world and endeavours to create global, national and local policy changes.

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What Can I Do?

Aside from recycling, using public transport and reducing your use of single use plastics, contributing to sustainable practices can sometimes seem daunting when you think about it on a collective rather than an individual level.

World Earth Day helps people manage this in multiple ways. Whether it’s through signing a pre-written open letter demanding climate education, a petition that supports sustainable fashion or the end of plastic pollution, Earth Day as a movement provides people with a global platform for demanding change.

You can even send a letter to Congress, donate to the Canopy Project, and attend the Great Global Clean-up, which has sites all over the world. World Earth Day connects these dots whilst promoting positive change – doing so on a scale unlike any other project in the world.


What Can My Business Do?

Put simply, Earth Day believe that sustainability is the path to prosperity for humanity and businesses alike. For businesses of all types, they believe it is crucial to act now, as greener practices at each level of operations can have enormous benefits.

By developing strong Environment Social Governance (ESG) standards, you’re more likely to see higher profits, happier employees, and a stronger overall performance.

Use of carbon accounting is one example of how you can measure your carbon footprint before taking action, helping make accurate, considered changes to your services.


Has it Helped Decrease Emissions?

World Earth Day has helped pass landmark laws across more than fifty years of action. Through climate literacy campaigns, civic education programs, and innumerable other education networks, its impact on carbon emissions has been immeasurable.

It has also backed huge restoration and conservation projects, such as Farmers for Earth, as well as research projects such as the Urban Environment Report.

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“the consultancy enabled me to reassess what it means to be a leader and it has given me confidence & motivation to initiate change."