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why us?

we’re dedicated to reducing your company’s emissions.

Our professional practical carbon auditing and ESG reporting advice will help your organisation meet with in coming compliance laws and gain a recognised carbon happy world accreditation.

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we can produce reports in compliance with:

Compliance laws we can support on are: ISSB • PCAF • CSRD • ESG • SECR • ESOS • SBTi • CDP
The UK, EU and USA are all introducing mandatory carbon emission reporting, are you ready?
Generate reports for any present or future disclosure requirements across ESG
Our carbon happy tracker is here to help - Smart Tracking Made Simple

we work with you, to develop and implement credible strategies to address the climate crisis by measuring, reducing, and compensating for your greenhouse gas emissions towards a net zero accreditation.

  • collect your data

    Your business activity will have to be recorded on our carbon happy tracker, finding the information you need can be a nightmare for some. Worry not, with our online data inventory check list, we can make this process a simple one.

  • set goals

    carbon happy world will help you set and achieve your carbon reduction goals. We’ll use the lessons learned from over 100 reliable, credible organisations, including governments, universities, NGO’s and industry bodies, to help you make the changes you need.

  • create solutions

    Our in-depth understanding of the public and private sectors means we know your industry and we understand your challenges. We speak your language, offering realistic, practical solutions that will work with your growth plans, not against them.

  • shout about it

    Telling everyone what you are doing is not just great for your brand but the planet too. By sharing best practice across your ESG plans and sustainable strategies we help others be Carbon Happy too.. sustainability made simple.

  • net zero accreditation

    Our carbon happy world standard follows the best practice there is, the 'green house gas' (GHG) protocols, your sustainability and ESG reporting will be accurate, accountable and authentic.

what we do


our goal is to help your business gain an understanding of climate responsibilities.

Through that we can help to make our planet a better place to live for all of us. We start by calculating  your current carbon emissions as we can’t do anything meaningful, if we can’t measure.

carbon happy tracker

carbon auditing for your business.

Using the world’s most advanced carbon energy calculator, the carbon happy tracker™ we empower companies to create economic, social and environmental value through our innovative and world-leading solutions for carbon reduction management, ESG reporting and planning.

we’re everywhere

we’re working throughout many sectors already, to cut emissions.

carbon emissions come from every part of your business :- energy, waste, what you buy and sell, transport and finance (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
before you act you need to measure your impact to create a carbon baseline