the carbon happy way

our social value policy

Our core mission is to drive the green agenda through innovative solutions that foster environmental sustainability and social well-being

Our social value policy outlines our commitment to creating a meaningful impact within the communities, with a strong focus on delivering social value alongside environmental solutions.

Mission Statement

By leveraging social value as a cornerstone of our efforts, we aim to drive positive change that resonates deeply within the communities, fostering a harmonious coexistence between people and the environment while advancing the global green agenda

Leveraging Social Value to make a positive difference

Community-Centric approach:
We recognise that lasting positive social change begins by understanding and meeting the needs of local communities. We will actively engage with communities we work with to identify their challenges and aspirations, shaping initiatives to align with our shared values and priorities.

Empowering through education:
Education is a powerful tool for change. We will develop educational programmes that not only raise awareness about environmental issues but also empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to actively contribute to sustainable practices. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive learning experiences, we will foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

Enhancing community spaces:
We will invest in revitalising and reimagining community spaces, such as parks, gardens, and recreational areas. These spaces not only provide residents with opportunities for leisure but also serve as platforms for environmental education, social interaction, and a sense of shared ownership

Collaborative spaces:
We will support the creation of collaborative spaces, such as pocket parks, gorilla gardens, community gardens and parks, where residents can engage with nature and each other. These spaces will foster a sense of community, well-being, and environmental stewardship. By promoting social interaction and engagement with the environment, we enrich the fabric of community life

Diversity and inclusion:
We are committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse workforce. We will prioritise equal opportunities, social justice, fair treatment, and the empowerment of underrepresented groups within our organisation, in our partnerships and in our collaborations with communities.

Ethical practices:
We will uphold the highest ethical standards in all our operations. This includes responsible sourcing, transparent communication, and fair labour practices throughout our supply chain.

Key Objectives

Holistic social impact:
We commit to understanding the social fabric of communities we work with to enhance overall well-being.

Collaboration and co-creation:
We will collaborate closely with community stakeholders to ensure our initiatives genuinely reflect their aspirations and needs. This co creative process will result in projects that are embraced and owned by the community.

Social empowerment:
Our community initiatives will contribute to improved environmental conditions and the health and well-being for communities. By addressing social needs, we enhance the overall social fabric and inclusivity of the communities we touch.

Implementation and Reporting

Stakeholder engagement:
Collaboration with local government and community representatives will be central to our approach. This ensures that our initiatives are contextually relevant and impactful.

Measuring impact:
We will establish clear metrics and benchmarks to measure the social and environmental impact of our projects. Regular assessments will guide our efforts and enable us to refine our strategies for maximum positive effect

Continuous adaptation:
Our social value initiatives will evolve based on ongoing feedback and changing community needs, ensuring a dynamic and relevant approach to making a difference. We will consistently strive to refine and enhance the social value we generate.

Internal integration:
All employees will undergo training to understand our social value policy and its practical implications. Teams will work together to ensure the policy is integrated into daily operations.

Transparent reporting:
We are committed to transparently reporting our social and environmental performance to our stakeholders. Our annual reports will outline the progress we’ve made, challenges faced, and steps taken to address them. This transparency will foster accountability and build trust.

Continuous improvement:
We recognise that the journey towards maximising social value is ongoing. We will continuously review our policies, practices, and projects to adapt and enhance our impact.