carbon happy tracker®

smart tracking made simple

reducing your carbon footprint, saving you time, energy and money…

authentic reporting

With a yearly subscription your energy and carbon usage is live streamed regularly, download reports showing data trends either by scope, department and date. This not only helps your carbon reduction planning, but also makes it easy to comply with mandatory reporting and regulations.

saving energy
wastage model

Energy intelligence can lead to at least a
10% saving and automation a further 10%.

track your footprint

The carbon happy tracker® licence helps you to understand and learn how your company’s carbon activity operates with live reporting to give you the statistics you need to plan your reduction programme and monitor its progress.

As part of your carbon happy action plan, our team of consultants will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your carbon happy tracker licence.

Information is everything when it comes to cutting your carbon emissions.

energy management system

• Data collection
• Data visualisation
• Data communication
• Data automation

think smart - be ambitious - track your goals - communicate what you do - learn - act
follow our aaa pathway - avoid - adapt - avoid

carbon happy tracker®

smart tracking made simple


we’ve made licensing easy

At carbon happy world, we know that for carbon reduction to be effective, it needs to be easy and affordable. That’s why we’ve made the carbon happy tracker® simple and straightforward, and backed it with a range of licences to suit any size or style of business.

clear & convenient

carbon tracking

Our carbon happy tracker® licence puts control of your carbon footprint in the palm of your hand, delivering real-time data from devices around the company, around the clock to inform and update your plans. You’ll also benefit from free training, 24/7 customer support and all the latest carbon happy data input from over 100 leading sources.