it's time to reduce
your carbon footprint
today, together.

a little about us

why us?

we’re passionately dedicated to cutting your carbon footprint.

carbon happy world is a diverse team of people who draw on broad business sector experience and networks, to give you an informed and inspiring perspective on your carbon emissions.


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world clean data day 2023 tuesday 21st march
kelp & seagrass absorb upto 35x more carbon than trees
kelp can grow 45cm a day
the average person in the United Kingdom produces 10 tonnes of CO2 per year
globally the average person produces 4.5 tonnes of CO2 per year
the oceans absorb a hell of a lot more carbon dioxide than here on land
the average person in Bangladesh produces 0.25 tonnes of CO2 per year

what we do

what are we aiming for?

our goal is simple. well, kind of.

We want to to create a wave around the world, that starts with you.

Do you want to go back to the cooler place your grand-parents enjoyed?

Help to create a that place, a better planet to live on for everyone.

a brief introduction

Put simply, we make it easier to cut your carbon footprint.

We help you, your community or as a business, to identify your carbon footprint quickly, accurately and easily, so you can understand your impact. You go at your own pace, and make the choices you want to make, every little helps and you have to start somewhere…

we cut through the confusion to create a clear pathway to lower your carbon footprint. We give you choices that suit your lifestyle, each choice you make is then added to your steps, each step you take lowers your carbon footprint.

  • carbon steps

    In a world of complex, often conflicting data, our cloud-based carbon portal delivers dependable, verified results and recommendations.

  • data sets

    We have compared 20,000 data sets from governments, universities, NGO’s and industry bodies worldwide.

  • authentic science

    You can be sure that the information you get is based on authentic science and adheres to the green house gas protocols, that is the guide to which we measure your lifestyle changes

did you know? 9 trillion tonnes of ice has melted over the past 40 years, causing droughts, rising sea levels and decimating wildlife
2027 is peak fossil fuel, that means more renewables will be used to generate the power we need to keep wam, keep cool and keep living