carbon absorbing

not all offsets are the same

understanding absorption

the challenge with carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting has had a bad press, with many critics seeing it as an easy alternative to making genuine change. even legitimate schemes are not as effective as they first appear. for example, a tree planted today to offset your carbon footprint will not have a significant impact on carbon until 2045.

a solution lies in our seas and oceans.

To deliver true change, you need to broaden your horizons. kelp, seaweed and sea grasses grow far more quickly and absorb CO2 faster than trees, and they don’t take up valuable land. They may be more expensive to plant, but they are at least 20 times more effective at absorbing CO2.

join us in our mission to make our planet a better place for all life.


the alternative

future focused

the alternative

carbon happy world aims to shine a spotlight on high-impact coastal projects for kelp and seagrass plantations. we can provide your organisation with access to these innovative and highly effective alternatives that deliver real carbon reductions in practice, not just on paper.