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calculate, reduce and carbon label your food

We use climate data to calculate the carbon footprint of each recipe to help chefs to make climate-friendly changes to a menu

Food, glorious food – it fuels our bodies and brings joy to our plates. But did you know, it also cooks up a hefty chunk of global greenhouse gases?

Yup, 33% of the world’s CO2 burps come from food production – that’s like an extra helping of climate chaos on the side.

But here’s the good news: you, chef extraordinaire, can be a culinary climate champion! And how?

By giving your dishes a carbon happy cook makeover!


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Our secret ingredient? The coolest food emissions tracker on the planet.

We crunch certified climate data to show you the CO2 footprint of each recipe, so you can swap out climate-busters for planet-pleasers. Think swapping beef stroganoff for a veggie stir-fry or using local, seasonal ingredients – every delicious tweak adds up!


COP28: Key outcomes for food

And don’t worry about getting lost in the data jungle. Our calculator is as easy as pie (vegan pie, of course!). Just chuck in your recipe, and you’ve got a climate-friendly roadmap. We even account for your location, because let’s face it, a tomato from Tuscany has a different carbon footprint than one from your backyard.

Emission metrics are integral data to generate robust and authentic reports for food climate footprints, Carbon Happy Cook can provide:

GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Analysis – technical reports

GHG Protocol Protocol value chain standard purchased goods and services

CDP, SBti and GRI Compaliant

Our partnership with Carbon Happy Cook gives us the expertise to help us to develop our carbon conscious recipes and menus which supports us with our net zero targets.

Adam, BEAN Coffee

But carbon happy cook is more than just a fancy food calculator. We’re like a sous chef for your sustainability journey. We help you:

Track your progress: Show off your green chef cred with impact reports that track your CO2 savings.

Dig deeper: Dive into the granular details of your food footprint, packaging, ingredient origin and cooking methods.

Additional data like allergens, nutritional values and other contributors to the food supply chain emissions.

Reach Net Zero: We’ll map out your CO2 hotspots and reduction priorities, so that Net Zero isn’t just a trendy hashtag, but a delicious reality.

Remember, carbon happy cook is your key to a tastier, greener future, one bite at a time!


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