Modern Slavery Policy

for Carbon Happy World Ltd

1. Introduction

Carbon Happy World Ltd. is committed to conducting business responsibly and ethically. We are dedicated to upholding human rights throughout our operations and supply chains, and we actively work to prevent modern slavery in all its forms, including forced labour, bonded labour, human trafficking and child labour. This policy outlines our principles and actions to combat modern slavery.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, suppliers and other business partners of Carbon Happy World Ltd. It extends to all our activities and operations, both within the UK and internationally.

3. Policy statement

3.1 Zero Tolerance:

We have a zero-tolerance policy for modern slavery in any form. We are committed to identifying and mitigating risks throughout our supply chains and taking appropriate action to address any identified issues.

3.2 Due diligence:

We will conduct due diligence on all our suppliers and business partners to assess their risk of modern slavery.  This includes:

  • Reviewing supplier certifications and accreditations
  • Conducting supplier audits and site visits
  • Requesting supplier compliance statements and codes of conduct
  • Engaging in open dialogue with suppliers about their modern slavery practices

3.3 Raising awareness:

We will raise awareness of modern slavery among our employees, contractors and business partners through training, communication and reporting mechanisms.

3.4 Reporting concerns:

We encourage everyone to report any suspected instances of modern slavery through our confidential grievance reporting system. We will investigate all reported concerns promptly and take appropriate action, including terminating relationships with non-compliant suppliers.

4. Implementation

4.1 Risk Assessment:

We will conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential modern slavery risks within our operations and supply chains. These assessments will consider factors such as:

  • Geographic location of operations and suppliers
  • Nature of the goods or services provided
  • Vulnerability of workers in the supply chain

4.2 Management responsibility:

Senior Management – Our Board of Directors and senior management team are responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy and ensuring that modern slavery risks are effectively managed.

Modern Slavery Lead – We have appointed a dedicated Modern Slavery Lead to manage and coordinate our efforts to prevent modern slavery.
Training – We will provide regular training to employees, contractors and business partners on modern slavery risks, identification and reporting procedures.

4.3 Partnerships:

We will actively collaborate with NGOs, government agencies and other stakeholders to combat modern slavery and share best practices.

5. Monitoring and review

This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect changes in legislation, best practices, and our business operations. We will monitor the effectiveness of our efforts through:

  • Regular audits of our own operations and supply chains.
  • Data analysis of reported concerns and investigations.
  • Engagement with stakeholders and feedback mechanisms.

6. Transparency

We are committed to transparency in our efforts to combat modern slavery. We will publish an annual Modern Slavery Statement outlining the steps we have taken to address modern slavery risks in our business and supply chains.

7. Conclusion

Carbon Happy World Ltd. is committed to playing its part in eradicating modern slavery. We believe that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and we will continue to work diligently to ensure that our business activities do not contribute to human exploitation.

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