temperature 1.5˚C aligned (1.5˚C) or well below 2˚C aligned (WB-2˚C) emissions scenarios or pathways

These phrases are used to describe the two most common science-based targets. They define the two current possible emissions scenarios or pathways that businesses can choose to align their targets to be considered as ‘science-based.’They relate to whether a business wishes to commit to the reductions required to limit global temperature rises to within 1.5 or 2˚C from pre-industrial levels.Both could also be referred to as ‘Paris aligned’ because they meet with the recommendations from the legally binding international treaty on climate change agreed at COP 21 in Paris, 2015.Please note: from 15 July 2021, the SBTi will no longer accept WB-2˚C targets, as reductions become more urgent. Read more here.