Offsetting refers to a number of methods used to compensate for GHG emissions elsewhere.This typically involves purchasing a credit from a certified external scheme that removes GHGs from the atmosphere. Offsetting schemes must be certified to meet certain standards in order to be a valid way of removing GHGs from the atmosphere for an agreed length of time.The various methods of offsetting can be nature-based or artificial, and include techniques ranging from rewilding to sequestration.Offsetting is also referred to by a number of other terms elsewhere, these include: ‘neutralisation’ or ‘compensation’ (both used by the SBTi) and ‘balancing.’ For our purposes, they all mean the same thing.Please note: The SBTi does not allow offsets to be counted as reductions toward meeting an SBT. Instead, companies must account for reductions resulting from direct action within their operations or value chains. Offsets may be useful, however, as an option for companies wishing to finance additional emission reductions beyond their own SBT.