easi ‘energy saving’ app

energy assets saving intelligence application

Our energy data analysis app allows you to monitor every item of equipment that consumes electricity across your site, assessing its energy usage, safety and efficiency

The EASI APP gives you unique real time data, that allows you to see what is happening in real time with your energy use on a granular and circuit by circuit basis. This data and predictive analytics allows clients to centrally monitor device-level electricity usage on a multi-site basis in any location in the world and in real-time (see dashboard).

This information allows any organisation from hospitality to retail, manufacturing to sports stadia save money, reduce carbon, improve efficiency, become aware of potential issues before they happen and ensure things are working the way you expect. The system models what you should use and hence you have a roadmap to efficiency and onwards to net zero including the ability to manage supply sources.


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Deep digital visibility for energy intelligence. Bringing energy savings of between 10-20%

Energy Management System

With a fully integrated energy management system that integrates authentic reporting of your energy carbon footprint with reduction planning and the potential to reduce your energy bills.

This digital visibility not only enables optimum electricity usage, it also empowers clients to anticipate potential health & safety or operational outages, informs capital replacement and maintenance cycles and can be used to create a set of automated strategies to permanently optimise energy consumption and ultimately reduce utility bills.


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Our technology captures the data you need to report your carbon footprint, energy efficiency and safety. Your results can be published with confidence to all stakeholders. Your Net Zero Carbon reduction targets can be aligned to your company culture and brand values, business growth, and the need to secure the future of the Next Generation.

The Carbon Happy Tracker® measures in detail your business’s green house gas emissions. We use electrical date signals for your energy and using over 20,000 cloud based data sets, we cover your utilities, waste, purchases and transport, across scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting.